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Treasure Caves 2

Collect the treasure from 100 levels by digging and solving the puzzles of the caves! Use the arrow keys to move around, collect all the treasure and get out through the exit. Don't be crushed by...
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1 Kanika   (29 Jul 2013 18:42) [Unesi]
HI Suzie I am suffering from neck and arm pain (down arm oin/needles and gerenal soreness , I have been to the chiropractor , which has helped but it seems to be a nerve issue down both arms , I did hurt my both shoulder's in FEB a couple of small tears in the right AC. I have got strech exercise from the chiro for my arm nervs , Also i had a massage this week and the mussels under my arm were extreamy tight , And i ask what this could be from and got told was lifting above the head , which i have hardy done ..

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