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Golf Solitaire

Move all the cards to the bottom pile. You can only move a card that is one point higher or lower than the topmost card on the pile. You can also open a covered card and put it on the pile
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4 Titi   (29 Jul 2013 12:33) [Unesi]
Thanks for that! It's just the answer I nedede.

3 ideottenealoW   (29 Maj 2012 06:09) [Unesi] I am a loyal reader but i dont like to comment typically, but today i just thought i would let you know my thanks. cheers!

2 metGesdwesque   (29 Maj 2012 06:02) [Unesi]
An excellent read, thank you. It's acquiring harder and harder to sift by way of all of the garbage on the web these days.

1 metGesdwesque   (26 Maj 2012 18:34) [Unesi]
Somethings need to be commented on, this is 1 of those things. Thank you so much

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